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A group of high school-aged teenagers! As simple as that may sound, our main goal is to make a change in this world. Harassment, intimidation, and bullying in schools, as well as the outside world, has been ignored for too long, but even if life isn’t fair we strive to make it fair so not one child falls victim to this abuse. We are here to show you what bullying really is through stories and experiences to give you an inside look at what kids from all over the world have to go through every day. And hopefully, that will open your eyes!

We advise all teens to be themselves always, because there is nothing more beautiful than the uniqueness of each individual. We may not be perfect, but we are human, and that is all what matters!

   Change is uncomfortable, because the future is unknown. Yet, the future is riding in fast, like a train. We understand that it is easier to be common than to step out and be different, unique. People have a  tendency of being scared of the unexpected. We fear change, as we don't know if we will be able to adapt to it. In the context of bullying, you should recall that the reason why change is the found of many conflicts is because people don't want a competition. They feel threatened by you. They like being in control and you saying no is an unexpected situation. To them all actions are easily justifiable on the grounds of  human fear.
   This is a blog that will show you exactly what bullying is and means, through real life stories and experiences. The purpose of this blog is not to put the spotlight on teenagers and their personal experiences, which is why all "testimonials" will be shared under the nickname of "Anonymous". Behind each person is a story. We want you to concentrate on their stories, not on their names, appearances or social statuses, but on what they have to say.

   We will personally defend the importance of a community, be it online or not, as it is a very useful way to connect and interact with others that share alike experiences with us. This is another reason why we have created this blog. It is an opportunity to connect with people your age at an worldwide level. Feel free to contact us if you have any question, suggestions, or you simply feel the need to talk to someone:


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