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"Write it Down!" Second Edition

Who we are:

Started in 2020, The Unheard Voices is a youth-led international NGO based in New Jersey, USA, raising awareness on mental health issues and bullying. We are a team of 25 people coming from all around the world, aiming to shed light on mental struggles and support those who need us. 

Structure of the Competition:

We are asking participants to write a short essay responding to our yearly theme. We are looking for well-crafted, argumentative, and creative pieces that consider more than just one side of the coin. Good examples of the type of work we are looking for can be found under our "Write it Down!" First Edition Page. Last year, the theme was...

Essay Theme:

The theme for this year's "Write it Down!" short story competition is "Mental health in a post-pandemic world." The question of has the Covid-19 pandemic negatively impacted our mental health, intensifying our mental struggles. After two years of persisting lockdowns when we barely had any contact with people outside our homes, have we become more introverted? We encourage writers to consider every aspect of this question and assert whether they believe people have turned more inward because of the pandemic or if the lack of communication has actually made us more eager than ever to socialize.


All essays must be written in English and over 300 words long (the story's title does not count).

Font: Times New Roman, size 12, double-spaced.

Submit as a word document or pdf and title it “Last Name_First Name.”

Work must be entirely the applicant’s own and must be original.

Applicants may only submit one article.

Submission is free!


The winning piece will be published on our website and featured on our Instagram page. In addition, the winner will receive $50 and a book prize.


We welcome submissions from everybody.


Friday, April 1, 2022, at 11:59 ET.

Judging criteria:

The Unheard Voices' committee  will look at the following criteria in judging submissions:

             1. Issue identification: The chosen issue is based on material provided in the prompt and is stated in a concise thesis statement. The problem is clearly identified and the connection between the issue and the prompt is thoroughly explored.

              2. Argument: The author takes a unique and original view of the prompt.

              3. Structure: The thesis and topic sentences are clear and tied together logically. The structure helps advance the author’s argument. In the case of argumentative pieces, the essay can easily be understood by a non-expert and provides appropriate background knowledge. 

               4. Style: The author follows proper grammatical conventions and presents a polished essay. 


Submit your work to:

Questions or Concerns:

Email us at contact@theunheard Check out our Instagram page at @theunheardvoicesorg.



"Write it Down!" 2022 Edition Winner


After receiving numerous excellent submissions, the TUV team is excited to announce our 2022 Essay Contest Winner. We thank all applicants for their enthusiasm and commitment to participating in our contest! We have received submissions from many places around the world and were truly impressed by how well-written and well-structured they were. 

"Write it Down" 2022 Essay Competition Winner

Natasha Loke, United Kingdom

Read her essay here.

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