Founder's Professional Summary

   I got involved in many different activities and done a lot of things. I participated in ​Olympics, national and international contests, workshops, webinars, volunteering activities, but the most important thing out of them all is that I got the chance to meet a lot of people. A lot of amazing people. People with big dreams and revolutionary ideas. Do not think that I was born perfect, with all the knowledge that I have today and with all my ideas and perspectives. What helped me a lot were all those conversations, encounters with those incredible people. I learned how to not be afraid to talk to someone, to express my ideas and thoughts, and how to not be scared of failure. All these things are normal, we just have to learn how to embrace them. Take a look at the activities that I have done up till now:


Content Strategy  Writing   Social Media   Creative Initiatives

Public Speaking  Making An Impact  Fundraising  Creative Writing

Work Experience


Education, Upgrade Academy

Internship at the only education service in Romania with Harvard, Oxford, and Yale graduate mentors. 




"Ion Heliade Radulescu" School


"Ion Luca Caragiale" National College


   I want to show people what bullying and aggression really mean and that they should not be ignored anymore. Actions must be taken, not words being spoken and plots and plans being developed. We live now, and we have the chance to make a change in the world now. Why wait when we can act on the spot? From my point of view, we had enough time to think and develop plans. Now its time to start taking actions, because:




Words scar,

Rumours destroy,