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Fortunately, different | Diferiti, din fericire

Updated: Apr 17, 2021

Urmatoarea postare va va oferi o perspectiva din interior asupra a ceea ce inseamna a fi diferit in randul nostru, al adolescentilor. Cum ar fi daca, intr-o zi, te-ai plimba printr-o padure, iar acolo nu ai putea sa observi decat acelasi tip de copaci, de plante, de animale, de frunze? Ce ar mai fi special, frumos la aceasta? Biodiversiatea de care dispune o padure o face unica, frumoasa, deosebita, nu lipsa acesteia. In zilele de astazi, „biodiversitatea" in randul adolescentilor este absenta. De ce? Cum te afecteaza faptul ca nu esti ca ceilalti? De unde provin ezitarile in ceea ce priveste exprimarea unei opinii diferite fata de ceilalti? Iata cateva intrebari la care urmatorul testimonial va va raspunde.

The next post will give you an insight into what being different actually means among us, the teenagers. What would be like if one day you walked in a forest and there you would only be able to see the same type of trees, animals, leaves? What would make that forest special, beautiful? The biodiversity that each forest displays is what makes it unique, beautiful, distinct from all the other forests, not the lack of it. Why? How does being different, unique affect you? Where do those hesitations in saying your personal, different point of view come from? Those are a few questions that will be answered by the testimonial down below.

"Diferit… Din asta incepe totul. Diferit nu ar trebui sa insemne ceva rau, dar in lumea in care traim, asta este exact ce inseamna. Daca iti place sa citesti o carte in loc sa iesi cu prietenii, daca arati altfel, daca iti place mai mult sa stai in casa, lucruri atat de mici, atat de neimportante, acestea sunt judecate de ceilalti. Noi simtim ca trebuie sa traim dupa niste standarde, trebuie sa ne imbracam asa, sa fim atat de slabi. Asta este ce vor oamenii. Dar nu vedeti?! Toti vrem lucruri pe care nu le vom face, asa ca ne asteptam sa le primim de la altii.

Cred ca fiecare dintre noi stie o poveste despre bullying, chiar daca doar am auzit-o sau chiar trait-o. Am fost batjocorita cand eram in clasele 5-8. Eram noua la scoala, dar la inceput totul era bine. Timpul a trecut si am facut niste greseli, greseli care in momentul de fata nu pareau greseli, lucruri mici pentru care am platit. Eram cea mai buna prietena cu o fata, o fata pe care o placeau toti de la scoala. Toate bune pana am facut ceva ce a enervat-o. Dupa aceea, a inventat o gramada de lucruri neadevarate despre mine, pe care nu le-am facut, dar a zis ca le-am facut. Toti au inceput sa ma urasca fara motiv, ca si cum au uitat ca am fost prietena cu ei. Din acel moment, momentul in care ea a inventat toate acele lucruri despre mine, am fost exilata de orice grup si copil de la scoala. Nimeni nu a mai vorbit cu mine. Timpul a trecut, si chiar daca ceilalti au uitat ce a zis ea, e ca si cum au continuat sa traieasca cu acea ura pentru mine, o ura care nu avea niciun motiv. Daca i-ati intreba de ce nu vorbeau cu mine, nu ar avea ce zice. Am fost batjocorita pentru mult timp, ani. Ma faceau proasta, ziceau ca sunt stupida si alte cuvinte care chiar ma raneau si de care nu vreau sa imi aduc aminte. Crescand, au realizat ca nu aveau niciun motiv, dar am si sfarsit sa fiu mai buna decat ei, asa ca nu aveau cum sa ma mai batjocoreasca, dar cand am fost mica, totul m-a ranit, a fost teribil de adevarat, nu ce spunea acestia, dar suferinta neimpartasita pe care o simteam.

Batjocora este un mod pentru oamenii frustrati sa isi exprime sentimentele. Atat! Nu o sa vedeti niciodata pe cineva care are demnitate, batjocorind pe altcineva. Totul vine din frustrare, lucruri pe care nu le avem si alti oameni le au, spre exemplu.

Vreau doar sa fac pe toata lumea sa inteleaga ca nimeni nu merita asta, sa fie batjocorit. Toti spunem ca vrem o schimbare in lume. Toti! Dar nimeni nu face nimic pentru ca aceasta schimbare sa se intample. Cum Mahatma Gandhi a spus: ,,Fii schimbarea pe care vrei sa o vezi in lume!”. Noi suntem cei care trebuie sa cream un exemplu si sa implementam, schimbarile corecte, pentru a face lumea un loc mai bun. Ma bucur ca exista acest blog, aceasta comunitate online! Realizez ca nu sunt singura. Poate, pana la urma, o schimbare se va produce in lume, in scoli, deoarece cu toti avem nevoie de aceasta cat mai repede."


"Different… That is how it all starts. Being different isn’t supposed to mean bad, but in the world we live in, that is what it actually signifies. If you like reading a book instead of going out, if you look different or like to stay inside rather than going in the city with your friends, things that little, that unimportant, these are being judged by almost everyone. We feel like we have to live up to some standards, we have to dress like that, be that skinny, act in a certain way. That is what people want. But don’t you realize? We all want things we won’t achieve, so we expect them to come from others.

I think every one of us knows a story about bullying, even if we have just heard it or experienced it. I have been bullied when I was in middle school. I was new in school, but at the beginning everything was fine. Time passed and I made some mistakes, mistakes that didn’t really seem like actual mistakes at that moment, little things that I eventually paid for. I was best friends with a girl that everybody liked from school. All good until I did something to piss her off, then she invented tones of unreal things that I didn’t do, but she said I did. Everyone started hating me, for no reason. It was like they forgot that I have even been friends with them in the past. From that moment, the moment when she invented everything about me, I was exiled from any group. No one talked to me anymore and as time passed by, even if people forgot about what she told them, is like they kept living with that hate for me, hate that didn’t have a real reason. If you would ask them why they didn’t talk to me, there would be nothing they would say to motivate what they did to me. I was bullied for a long time, years. They would call me dumb, say that I am stupid and lots of other words that really did hurt me, words I refuse to remember.

Growing up, they realized there was no reason and also, I ended up being better than them, so they couldn’t bully me anymore, but when I was little, everything was terrible.

Bullying is just a form for frustrated people to express their feelings, that’s it. You will never see someone who has dignity bullying someone else. It all comes from frustration, things that we don’t have and other people do, for example.

I just want to make everyone understand that no one deserves this. We all say we want a change in this world, all of us, but no one does anything to make it happen. We are so blinded by our egos, that we forget that we are the ones who should make the change. Like Mahatma Gandhi said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” We are the ones who must give an example and implement the right kind of changes in order to make the world a beautiful and safe place. I am glad that this blog, this online community exists. I realize that I am not alone. Perhaps, after all, a change will be made in the world, in schools, because we all need it."


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